Ray J – I Hit It First


Ray J releases a new single

Dallas, TX April 21, 2013 – According to Ray J he put Kim Kardashian “On”. Mr. Ray J caused some controversy April 8, 2013 after releasing his new single “I Hit It First” off his upcoming album. The cover art is a pixilated picture of Kim Kardashian with the title “I Hit It First” going across.  Ray J denies that the song has anything to do with Kim, yet the song says otherwise. After releasing the song Ray J tweets “ LOL have some fun! It’s not that serious!! #Live”. Ray J claims this is the Perfect marketing strategy, but of course anything that has “Kardashian” on it will sell. On an interview with Karen Civil he tells us “I don’t want to say no names, the main mission for this whole campaign is to say no names, the song is edgy, intense and over the top. Ray J also mentions that his sister Brandy is a bit upset over the concept of his new single, his response “I’m way more turnt up, I live my lifestyle on the edge.” I hit it first has KIM KARDASHIAN all over it!!

Do you think Ray J’s lyrics insinuate Kim Kardashian?

“I had her head going north, and her ass going south, but now baby chose to go West”

Chorus:  “she might move on to rappers and ballplayers, but we all know I hit it first”

“And if you would come back to me girl, we’ll make another movie”

Check out the Official Music Video : Ray J-I Hit It First !! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e449652qKCc

Watch Ray J’s interview with Karen Civil : http://www.karencivil.com/2013/04/10/ray-j-talks-i-hit-it-first-record-brandy-is-upset/

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