WondaGurl Gives Details On How her Magna Carta Collaboration Came Into Fruition


16 Year Old producer Wondergurl Collaborates with Jay Z

In an exclusive interview with MTV News, 16 year old Ontario,Canada native Ebony Oshunride a.k.a Wondergurl gave details on how her Magna Carta collaboration came to be.

“I was home one day and I was looking for reggae samples for awhile and I finally found this one that was like Crazy, sizzla, ‘solid as a rock’. I took it and cut it up put it in the software FL Studio and I started building around it, adding 808’s. the more I built, the more I knew what I wanted.” The track was initially produced for Travis Scott and Pusha T. she mentioned how Travis Scott was going to add some stuff to it, but later on Travis messaged her saying he was going to “Change her life”. Never did Wondergurl expect to be on on HOV’s new album, this was the beginning of her career and  how “Crown“was produced for Magna Carta Holy Grail. What was surreal for Ebony became reality. Wondergurl also proclaimed how she would like to work with Kanye West, Drake, Timbaland, and Keri Hilson.

Check out Wondergurl’s interview with MTV News : http://boi-1da.net/2013/07/08/video-wondagurl-explains-how-magna-carta-collab-came-to-be/

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