Rapper Nas raises 50k to help a homeless family


Stanley Young, an unemployed construction worker with a family of eight lost his house to a fire two weeks ago. Feeling impotent, Stanley Young tried every possible way to find help for his family. After living in a hotel for two week, the help he had been waiting for came. Nas felt led to help the Young family and started a Crowdtilt fundraising page. Nas donate $5,000 himself and asked his followers and other social media site for help to reach $20,000. A couple of days after the goal was met, and Nas asked to raise another $5000 for the family. After 1630 generous contributors, Nas reached a goal of $50,000 for the Young Family.

After reaching the $50k goal, Nas tweeted :

“Thanks to all the companies, press, magazines, blogs, personalities, and my friends who helped spread the word, and lastly thank YOUUU! Your not my follower or my fan, you’ve been my FRIEND throughout this journey!! We ALL did this TOGETHER.”

If you would like to donate the fundraiser will be opened till August 18,2013. Every cent counts.


For updates on Nas: Follow @Nas on Twitter.

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