Kanye West. Zane Lowe Interview


September 26, 2013 Marked a historic event. Zane Lowe sat down with Kanye West for a one on one interview. An intense, passionate interview which contains some strong language. A four part interview where Kanye lets his fans in on his thoughts, the reason to his bizarre reactions, which the media has completely distorted.

Kanye West, one of the best artists of our culture today, has a vision not everybody understands. Media has destroyed his character; media has portrayed him as this crazy, conceited, self centered man.

Kanye West is an artist with a very passionate purpose in life, and he is a slave to achieving that. His purpose is to evolve as a creative individual in various forms, not only through music, but to be able to venture out to new territory, venture out to fashion, architecture, furniture, while at the same time capitalizing off of those ventures.

The best way to becoming a successful person is by venturing out and gaining revenue from different streams. Kanye West is aware of his capabilities, as a human, as an artist, as a creative individual, and as an entrepreneur. He is probably one of the most confident people right now, he truly believes in himself and at the end of the day those attributes are what makes a person successful. Those characteristics have made him KANYE WEST!

The level of drive kanye has is the tremendous force that has caused him to be so successful at everything he puts his hands on. He is known for not taking no for an answer, and always tearing down barriers that prevent him from achieving what he wants. What people don’t realize is that Kanye West’s main mission is to encourage people through his music, fashion, products. Motivating others to dream bigger, to understand the concept of not letting others talk you out of your dreams.

“Yeezus is the codes of self esteem, the codes of who you are”

“That is the main thing people are controlled by, their perception of themselves. People are slowed down by their perceptions of themselves.”

The past months Kanye has been on every blog, and every magazine about his crazy paparazzi rants. In the interview Kanye gives us an insight of why he reacts that way. Kanye mentions “corporations” a lot in his interview. There is a level of frustration kanye has bottled up, it is very frustrating for a creative person not being able to venture out into different creative paths. Kanye name drops several companies that have done him wrong, companies that have used his inventions and never gave him proper credit.

“6 years ago virgil and I gave designs to Fendi over and over and got them knocked down, brought the leather jogging pants to Fendi and they said no. How many mother fuckers you done seen with leather jogging pants?”

“ I made Yeezy’s and they were going for 90 thousand on Ebay, people wanted them. But I didn’t get a call from Nike the next day”

Being misunderstood is what has caused Kanye West’s frustration. The corporations have not given him the right appreciation or respect he deserves for giving our culture 10 years of great innovative products.

“We’ve dedicated our entire life to making our current time and civilization better. To adding something to the culture.

He expresses his disappointment towards these corporations who want to restrict and limit him to only one place of creativity.  Of course a person will feel impotent when they have a vision, and know they can’t achieve it unless he gets help from others. And not receiving the proper support or backing from the companies, he’s helped out by making millions for them, it’s very disappointing. His goal is to expand his creativity into the fashion industry, and eventually getting the support he needs to achieve his new venture. “All I need is the breakthrough, a joint venture for my clothing line”

Kanye humbles himself and  Honors Jay-z for his Co-sign, his blessings, and protection. He also expresses his love for kim kardashian
“ Kim gave me everything, a family, a support system, she was in a powerful enough situation where she loved me without asking me for money.”
And for the moment everyone has been waiting for Kanye addresses Kendrick Lamar’s “control” verse by stating “ Kendrick Lamar is our future messenger”.

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