Dylan Cohl Seeks To Be The Change Southern Hip Hop Needs


Many know about Port Arthur Texas because of Bun B and the UGK origin, but it is Dylan Cohl who is putting Port Arthur back on the map. Currently residing in Houston, Texas 20 year old upcoming rapper Dylan Cohl was introduced to music at a very early age, Dylan started rapping at the age of 10. He gives credit to his older brothers who have crafted the artist he is today. Music is Dylan’s calling, his purpose in life. His calling is to create timeless music in any era. Seeking to be a game changer for Southern Hip Hop, his goal is to set the bar of standard every time he rhymes on a song. Having the advantage of being a producer, it’s not just about spitting rhymes it’s about being a visionary, having a vision and being able to translate that into music; timeless music.  Dylan seeks to be the change the southern hip hop culture needs, bringing light into this new generation of music. His music is not about killing or moving weight, his music has a purpose, it is about being influential and adding to the hip hop culture. Dylan has collaborated with DJ DMD, who is know for “25 Lighters” featuring lil Keke, and Fat Pat. He has also worked with Levi Ru$$ell early on in his career, OG Che$ and Mookie Jones, as well as Amir Shayegan and G Dot Humble.  Dylan Cohl currently performed with Mike Studd and will be performing with Dizzy Wright on October 23, 2013. Being managed by Stephen Burrell, Dylan’s career is about to flourish in an incredible way.

Check out Dylan Cohl’s Music: https://soundcloud.com/youngindigo

Follow Dylan Cohl on Twitter: @DylanCohl

Follow Stephen Burrell: @DatGuyEstevan

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