Music Has No Limits For Producer G Dot Humble


A sound that is pure quality. Quality at its finest is what defines Gerald Akin Baker. Known by his alias “G Dot Humble”, Gerald was like any other kid growing up with dreams of becoming either an artist or a pilot. But there was a passion beyond that, a passion that has no limits, a passion for music. The production aspect of music is what intrigued him the most. Originally from Petersburg, Virginia in 1996 Gerald moved to the Houston Texas to pursue his career as an aspiring DJ, he began DJing at parties and clubs to build a fan base and to create a name for himself. What differentiates Gerald from other producers is his passion. His priority is to produce pure quality music. His music is genuine, it is authentic.  There is emotion in his music, which is derived from his passion. His music is palpable. Always striving to put his best effort in every production he produces, he considers himself a “jukebox” he doesn’t limit himself or his work to a certain genre. His sound is what sets him apart from everyone else in the game. Gerald’s music has a powerful appeal. He understands that music reaches deep within human consciousness to arouse emotion. So by putting his best effort, heart and soul into his production he knows him music will have an impact on people.  Gerald has collaborated with Mookie Jones, Dylan Cohl, and has helped many young artist and producers by guiding them to the next level. And ideal collaboration for Gerald would be Pharrell, he can relate to Pharrell’s work ethic, they both see no barrier or limits in art. Art is anywhere your imagination can take you.  There are endless possibilities in creating art, music, and fashion. He admires how Pharrell has managed to stay relevant throughout the years. As his career flourishes Gerald hopes to stay relevant as well, humble and always loyal to music.  Being constantly inspired by life, life is what motivates Gerald to continue to create and explore new sounds in music.

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