Power Moves Being Made By Gunnz from YEMG Records


Power moves are being made by Gunnz from YEMG Records. YEMG records is owned by Houston’s Young CEO Jas Prince. While Jas Prince make the approvals for the label, Gunnz is the man responsible for inking million dollar deals and dealing with the everyday business of the record label such as A&R, contracting, bookings, etc.  Before becoming such a highly respected executive, Gunnz was once an aspiring rapper who is known for his hit song “Janky” which took over Birmingham, Miami, Chicago, Memphis, and Los Angeles. He has collaborated with the likes of Don P of Trill ville, Track Boyz, and Trill Town Mafia. Not only has Gunnz collaborating with known artist he has also shared the staged with Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins, and baby. Currently Gunnz is working closely handling YEMG recording artists Nella Tariri, and SJ3 upcoming projects. A well connected and respected executive Gunnz is affiliated with the biggest names in the hip hop and music Industry, known to take upcoming artist and transform them into superstars.

For updates on Gunnz: Follow @Gunnz205 on Twitter

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