Christina Milian Gives Details About Her Wedding With Fiancé Jas Prince



Christina Milian gave details about her wedding with Fiancé Jas Prince to Life  & Style Magazine. Christina and Jas have kept their relationship private for a couple of years, the two started dating back in 2010 and recently got engaged September 2013. They say a picture says a million words, and judging by Jastina’s pictures you can tell the couple is very happy and in love. Most importantly they have an unbreakable bond which they share with Christina’s three year old daughter Violet. Christina told Life & Style Magazine that she wants a small intimate wedding with their closest family.

“I think something close to home,” Christina, who’s the proud mom of 3-year-old daughter Violet, dishes in the new issue of Life & Style. “And most importantly, just for our closest family.”

“[Jas] has a lot of family, so that’s probably one of the biggest things to consider. We’ll just find a good central place for everybody to meet,”

(1) in the first paragraph references part of an interview taken from a post on on Jan 16,014

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