Mastering the Art of Recording & Mixing Process


McAllen, Texas a relatively unknown city near the Mexican border is where recording engineer Hector Quintero was born and raised. Hector, also known as his alias “H” started recording at the age of sixteen. Music is an art for him, a passion he pursued by attending the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Science in Phoenix, Arizona where he achieved his degree as a recording engineer.
Despite the obstacles he faced within his hometown, Hector has achieved outstanding collaborations in the music industry. It is difficult for a musician to succeed in the industry. Persistence is the key and clearly Hector has the mindset and determination which has earned him an amazing resume as a recording engineer.
Hector is an in house recording and mixing engineer in Atlanta’s prestigious Soul Asylum Studio. Artist such as JBar, Waka Flocka, T.I, Future and many more have all recorded at Soul Asylum Studios. Music for H is about the creative process, painting the artist picture. Providing quality sound every time is his mission when engineering a project. Engineering is the technical part of the creation of music. He has mastered the art of several musical idioms such rhythm, melody, dynamics, and texture, as well as applying the proper panning, equalization, reverbs and balancing the track in every aspect.
The best quality sounds are captured and achieved during the recording and mixing process. A recording engineer is a fundamental job and a critical role in developing and depicting the artist vision. A role H has mastered. With endless creative possibilities he does not limit himself to one genre. He has worked with artist in Hip-Hop, Rock, Pop, Country, R&B, as well as Gospel genres.
His career has flourished tremendously since he joined Soul Asylum Studio; he has worked with big names in the music industry and has also appeared on reality T.V shows such as Love & Hip Hop, R&B Divas, and Real Housewives of ATL. As he builds a name for himself, Hector Quintero is creating longevity for his career.

Written By: Nasim Shayegan

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