Kirko Bangz Discusses How Fame Affected His Life & Career


In a recent interview with Global Grind Kirko Bangz discussed how fame has affected his life and career.
With fame comes a huge responsibility, Kirko Bangz told Global Grind how fame made him loose sight of what his purpose was. It became a distraction to his love and passion for music.
” I feel like I lost sight of that, I started doing a lot of things that I felt were bigger than me, but they were actually hurting me. Spending 15k at strip clubs and having my homies around me all the time. When money came I thought I knew what to do, but I didn’t know shit. The fame got to me, it never got to my attitude though, like cocky or arrogant or nothing like that but it got to my work ethic, it got to my love and passion for music. I had to cut out a lot of those things out to separate myself so I can elevate.”
Kirko also talked about his upcoming music and explained the meaning behind this 2014 hit song “Hoe” featuring Yo Gotti and YG. According to Mr. Bangz he is just “reporting the news” and he also shared some advice for all the “Hoes” out there or “Bops” what Kirk likes to call them. ” You really need to get your life together, like if you are doing any of these things you need to stop and think about what you are doing and get it together.”

Kirko Bangz will be going on tour with UGK legend Bun B starting this March 2014 and is set to release his debut album Summer 2014.

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