The Gunz Show Will Be Airing This March



YEMG Record label executive Gunz is the man responsible for inking million dollar deals and dealing with the everyday business of the record label such as A&R, contracting, and bookings, will be airing his own online radio show.

Taking YEMG to the next level and giving the record label the right exposure, and expanding it to its maximum potential, Gunz brings new creative ideas and concepts to the table and has managed to stay relevant throughout the years despite all the changes the industry has gone through. Change is the only thing constant in the industry and as a record label executive you need to be adaptable to the changes.

“The Gunz Show” will air the months of March and April selecting one upcoming artist per week for a feature phone interview and spin. The Gunz Show gives artist a platform to be heard and discovered by reaching 82,000 listeners via online on The Gunz Show and Idobi Network websites. At the end of each month fans will be given the opportunity to vote for their favorite artist, the winning artist will have their music put on rotation on Idobi radio.

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