Krayzie Bone Plans To Put Personalized Vending Machines In Several L.A Marijuana Dispensaries


The news about Bone Thugs N Harmony member Krayzie Bone starting a vending machine business venture has gone viral on twitter and other social media outlets. According to TMZ, Krayzie Bone has decided to put personalized vending machines outside several L.A marijuana dispensaries.  Krayzie Bone isn’t the only artist getting customized vending machines, Houston rapper C. Stone the Breadwinner, and Riff Raff are in the works of getting their own customized vending machines as well.

We were so intrigued about these customized vending machines we decided to dig a little deeper. CandyMan Vending Services is the company who customized the vending machine for Krayzie Bone. A company out of Houston, Texas CandyMan vending services provides a complete management service. They install the vending machine and keep them stocked with the inventory you want and handle all of the services and maintenance for the machines. CandyMan recently began customizing vending machines about five months ago, and also service 22 schools with vending machines.

While other blogs and social media outlets have not given the man with the brilliant idea the proper credit the Hip Hop Parlor got an exclusive interview with the owner of CandyMan Vending Services, Andre Bramwell.


1. How long have you been in the vending business?

 I’ve been in the vending business since 2010.  I do soda/snack vending, coffee service, ATMS and I started doing the custom machines about 5-6 months ago because I wanted to do something different for the vending industry.  Custom machines have been done before but I wanted to involve the music and hip hop culture with vending.

2. How did you get in contact with Krayzie Bone?

 I had been looking for an artist to make a vending machine for but had a hard time getting in contact with a lot of artists.  I tried locally and C. Stone the Breadwinner was the first one interested when I pitched him my idea from a post TV Johnny made on his twitter that he was looking for promotional products for his video shoot.  From there I just sent an email to Krayzie Bones email he had on his twitter and sent my Krayzie Bone vending machine idea and his manager responded said he loved the idea and wanted to get started on a design asap.

3. Are you currently working with other artist?

 Right now I designed a machine for C. Stone the Breadwinner and am in negotiations to get that project going and off the ground.  I am also working on and about to finish a machine design for MTV Riff Raff.

What do you want the audience to know about CandyMan Vending Services?  

My main goal is to make Candyman the best vendor in the world!  I watched a Bun B interview and he said people can contribute to the hip hop community in other ways besides just rapping so that in itself inspired me to see how I could mix vending with music artists. I decided to try and make some custom vending machines for artists.




To learn more about CandyMan Vending services check out:

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