R&B with SJ3


SJ3- Composed by three very talented individuals KT, Dezz, and Tone are not only great vocalist, but amazing performers overall. They each bring a diversity and uniqueness to the group. SJ3 is a mixture of R&B with a little edge. Like many upcoming artist SJ3 were once struggling to get discovered and make an impression in the music industry. Utilizing social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube; SJ3 managed to gain the attention of the Justin Bieber and YEMG CEO Jas Prince. Apparently Justin Bieber and Jas Prince were in the studio when they came across SJ3 cover video to Justin’s “Heartbreaker” song. Amazed by their talent, Jas lost no time got in contact with their managers and offered them a record deal. Starting 2014 off the right way on January 3, 2014 SJ3 became YEMG official signees.

Perfecting their craft and well on their way to stardom SJ3 is currently in LA working on their first album alongside Jas Prince, Gunzz and the whole YEMG team. Make sure to check out their latest video “Cali Girl” and stay tuned for more updates! 


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