Making a way for herself in the Music Industry, Courtney Wilkerson shares her story


A 25 year old independent woman, whose dedication and drive has made a way for herself in the music industry. Courtney Wilkerson developed a love for singing and rapping at a young age. With a strong interest in music, she knew that was the path she wanted to pursue as a career.

In 2009, she started helping her parents manage their restaurant, during this period she picked up the knowledge and ability to run and manage a business. “I got so locked into the business side of things and the responsibility of holding down an entire team” says Courtney. Though the restaurant business was not her thing, she decided to apply her knowledge to something she was passionate about.

With the full intent at taking her musical aspirations to the next level, Courtney recently started her own company, The Jasee Group. A full service management company to artist, models etc. that provides management and branding with a full team that includes hairstylist, makeup artist, photographers, marketing and publicist. Each team member plays a crucial role in building a clients buzz by helping them to get the full package to shop around to labels and agencies.

* Check out the full interview with Courtney Wilkerson , where she shares advice to those following her footsteps, and details about  what she looks for in an artist. 

1.        How did you get started in the music industry?

 I started off rapping and singing at a very young age

2.       At what point did you realize you were interested in managing artists?

 Late 2009 early 2010 my parents owned a restaurant and I would help manage it during the week. I got so locked into the business side of things and the responsibility of holding down an entire team. I decided to take that experience use it towards something that I was truly passionate about.

3.       Who/ what influences you

 Over all Anyone that’s a go-getter and ambitious about their passion. Specifically I could give you a list of people who have all played a very influential part in my life. But, I’ve learned everything from my dad I may not tell him but he’s such a business man and about his money. 

4.       What gives you the most satisfaction in your job at the end of the day?

 To know that my team and clients have put their trust in me. 

5.       What do you look for in an artist? What captures your attention?

 What captures my attention in an artist is someone who believes in themselves without a doubt, someone who brings something different to the table than any other artist doesn’t.  A person that can sell their talent without saying a word. To me hard work out weights any and everything. 

6.       Who was the first artist you’ve ever managed?

 Cortez Kimble (rapper) 

7.       I know you recently started your own company “The Jasee Group”. Give us a little more details about The Jasee Group.

 The Jasee group is a full service talent management company to (models, artist,etc…) that  provides management and branding. We help our clients to get that total package to shop around to labels, agencies and to help them build there buzz. Under my company I have a full team of hairstylist, make up artist, wardrobe stylist, photographers, marketing team, and publicist where they build the talents image.

8.       What advice would you offer those following your footsteps?

 First and foremost I’m big on God and I believe that anything that you don’t make him first in, it won’t prosper. So with that said: The advice I would give someone following in my footsteps is to stay in the game meaning it doesn’t matter if you finish first what matters is that you finish. When you feel like quitting that’s when it’s time to go your hardest. 

9.       The music industry is a very competitive industry. What qualities does one need to succeed in it? Those in the music industry know that the only constant thing in the industry is change. The industry has evolved in the past years, and more now than ever artist are getting discovered through social media. Do you think social media is the way to go for artist? Or can they still use the old model approach? (Sending their albums/ press kits to record label A&Rs) How do you think an artist should market themselves these days?

 The qualities ones need to succeed is something that’s going to set you a aside from anyone else, also a strong team I don’t care what anybody says you will always need someone’s help. Yes, you can use social media I believe it helps you build your buzz now, anybody can be a celebrity through social media, Where back in the day you would have to have a hot song on the radio to actually be known. Everyone uses social media even the highest executives in the industry. So once they see you and contact you, your professionalism is key so you still need press kits to send to them. Now that they’ve seen you, make them believe in you! I think an artist should always market themselves as an artist. You have to become that person you are striving to be, which means being in artist mode at ALL TIMES

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