Riff Raff X CandyMan Vending


Many know him from his appearance on MTV’s reality TV show “From G’s to Gents”. Horst Simco, also known as Riff Raff is taking full advantage of his large network and fan base venturing out to different entrepreneurial territory. Riff Raff teamed up with Houston’s Andre Bramwell, owner of CandyMan Vending to start his own Vending Machine business. Neon colored vending machines that will only contain the best munchies out there. Riff Raff will personally select each item every month. Candies such as white chocolate KitKats, Butterfingers, Reeses Cups, Ketchup chips, Dill pickle chips, Chicken & Waffles Lays, Cookies and Cream Hershey Bars, and sour patches and not to mention they will also carry glow in the dark condoms.Neff Riff Raff gear,Riff Raff phone charger, and Neon Icon CD will also be sold in the vending machines as well. Targeting College students, Riff Raff tells LAWeekly.com
“The main customers have been strip clubs,” he says, and the focus is now on those establishments and college dorms. For reasons of logistics, only businesses located in the Houston and Austin areas will be able to get machines stocked with candy”.
Riff Raff’s customized vending machines are going for $4,500 a pop.

And if interested in vending machine services:
Email: andre@candymanvendingservice.com
Or visit: http://www.candymanvendingservice.com/
Follow CandyMan on Twitter: @CandyManVending
Follow Riff Raff on Twitter: @JodyHighRoller

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