Blak Muzick Talks on “Love Was a Killer” EP

LWTK (Official Artwork)

We got an exclusive interview with Dallas artist Blak Muzick, he gave us some insight and details about his upcoming EP “Love Was The Killer”.

Message to listeners:

“My music is honest. This is life. Love, pain, heartbreak, lust, sex…these are things we deal with directly and indirectly at some point. I used this project to shed light on a universal issue: love from the opposite aspect. We gotta build stronger relationships. We gotta learn to love without the conditions. We gotta learn to communicate with each other deeper than just on a physical level. When we don’t, that’s where the miscommunication starts and builds from there.”

Focus on EP:

“This project called for a lot of reflection I had to pull certain energies and emotions from different experiences. I wanted to show my passion as well as great lyrics that I know people can connect to.”

Sonically what can we expect?

“For the most part, it has a dark feel to it.  The whole point is that love can take you to dark places.”

Barriers you’ve encountered in the industry:

“I’m from a city where we there is already a stigma over the music. Before you’re even given a chance, people already figure they know your sound or that they know what you’re about.”

Fact about Blak Muzick:

“I’m an artist that’s really passionate about the artistry”

Change in the Music Industry:

“Music is changing. The industry has changed so much since the 90s and when I was growing up. The labels aren’t what they used to be. To get music these days is so much easier and accessible. But from a sound or quality standpoint, I love the fact that more artist are using there platform the really say something. Artists are speaking out more on social and cultural issues becoming more like activists. I think it’s about staying connected to the people. We are the mouthpiece for millions of people who don’t have the talent or skill to rap so it’s like our responsibility to speak on things that matter. Being organic is also important…not TRYING to force it. People know what’s good. You have to be genuine.”

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