Chris Brown – Liquor


Tone Stith – Singer, songwriter and signee of Y.E.M.G is the person responsible for the lyrics and production of Chris Brown’s debut single “Liquor. Radio stations like 93.7 , The Beat, and iHeartradio have all played been playing “Liquor” throughout today. CB shared some lyrics through Twitter ” There’s something in this liquor. The air is getting thicker. All I want is you.”

Tone Stith forms part of a group called SJ3-  Composed by three very talented individuals KT, Dezz, and Tone are not only great vocalists, but amazing performers overall. SJ3 caught the attention of YEMG C.E.O Jas Prince and he lost no time on signing them back in January 2014. currently being mentored by Jas and his business partner Gunnz, they have introduced them to many well known producers, and artist in the industry.  It has been said that there is a bidding war going on with  major record labels and music publishers on their career making talent.

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