Jas Prince : A Star- Finder With A Million Dollar Ear For Talent

The multi talented, star – finder mogul opens up about his career in the music industry.
Introduced to the music industry at a young age, Jas Prince developed a passion for music, but fell in love with the business of music.  Working at his father’s label Rap- A- Lot records and playing a key role in the label helped sharpen his business instincts and gave him the experience and knowledge required to succeed in the industry. Prince’s evolution from A&R at Rap-A-Lot records to becoming C.E.O of his own record label, Y.E.M.G. He has been able to implement his knowledge and experience from scouting, songwriting, to producing and managing. Jas plays an instrumental part along with his business partner Gunnz in breaking new talent and molding upcoming artist for mainstream success.
Jas Prince is a star- finder with a million dollar ear for talent. In fact, He plays such an important role in Drake’s career. If it wasn’t for Jas Prince, we wouldn’t have Drake.
Today, he continues breaking new talent, and has several artist such as Tone Stith, Ken Randle, and others under his label and guidance.  Tone Stith is a singer, songwriter and producer. He is the person responsible for the lyrics and production of Chris Brown’s most recent debut single “Liquor”.
Jas is also working closely with Drake and recently introduced him to Grammy-nominated songwriter-producer DJ Camper who has produced for John Legend, Jay Z, Ne-Yo, Nicki Minaj and many more.
Jas Prince is the GO-TO guy with a A-list contacts ranging from rising stars to Grammy award winning artist and producers to reality TV stars .

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