Lil Flip Signs Multi Million Dollar Deal with TJ Co Jewelry

The Freestyle King, Lil Flip lands another multi million dollar deal before the year is out. Besides being one of the best rappers in history Lil Flip is a business mogul who has ventured out to different markets besides the music industry. Flip has a passion for the finer things in life. He is known to rock big gold Versace emblem chains, Clover G chains … Continue reading Lil Flip Signs Multi Million Dollar Deal with TJ Co Jewelry

Rap Snacks x Candyman Vending

Rap Snacks, “The official snack of Hip Hop” is teaming up with Houston’s very own Candyman Vending to create their own Rap Snack mini vending machines. The wall mounted mini vending machines will be more convenient for artist or establishments to incorporate in their place of gathering. The mini vending machine will feature an LCD screen to include advertisements. Rap Snacks have recently been relaunched with … Continue reading Rap Snacks x Candyman Vending

Kirko Bangz: The PlayaMade Experience

PlayaMade is breaking all barriers. Kirko Bangz is creating a new sound by incorporating his DJ/artist XO and his band SLAB on his PlayaMade tour. The art of combining instruments and sounds at his live performances using the entire band as an instrument to get a unique sound that defines his new revolutionized sound. His band “SLAB” (Slow Loud and Bangin) is comprised by the … Continue reading Kirko Bangz: The PlayaMade Experience

The Most Sought After Guitarist of Houston

Guitar playing is a fine art and we all love it when its well played, but for some playing it well is an understatement. Texas has given us Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Johnson, two legends who will never die in the Guitar world, but for every generation there is a new mogul. Amir Shayegan is a guitar player/music composer who is based out of … Continue reading The Most Sought After Guitarist of Houston

Cooley’s Annual Crawfish Boil

Courtney Wilkerson A.KA. “Cooley” will be bringing out the whole city of Houston this June 13, 2015 at her annual Crawfish Boil. A grand event that will consist of Crawfish of course, turkey legs, sausage and alcohol! Music will be provided by Houston’s very own DJ FirstKlass, and DL will be MC-ing the night. Last year celebrities like Jas Prince, Ken Randle, Drake, Denise Graham, … Continue reading Cooley’s Annual Crawfish Boil