Kirko Bangz: The PlayaMade Experience

PlayaMade is breaking all barriers. Kirko Bangz is creating a new sound by incorporating his DJ/artist XO and his band SLAB on his PlayaMade tour. The art of combining instruments and sounds at his live performances using the entire band as an instrument to get a unique sound that defines his new revolutionized sound. HisContinue reading “Kirko Bangz: The PlayaMade Experience”

Kirko Bangz Perfecting His Craft on “Bigger Than Me” Album

Kirko Bangz fans have been anticipating his album “Bigger Than Me” for a long while. Though no released date has been mentioned, we do know Kirko is currently working on the album perfecting his craft.Yesterday he hit up the studio in Houston with XoOnTheBeat and guitarist Amir Shayegan. XoOnTheBeat is responsible for producing Short Dawg ft. 2Chainz –Continue reading “Kirko Bangz Perfecting His Craft on “Bigger Than Me” Album”

Ken Randle ft. Kirko Bangz – Be My Stripper Getting ready to release his “Sex in A Slab” EP Ken Randle drops new heat today, and not just one but two tracks. Ken Randle is the epitome of SEXY seems like all his songs are inspired by lust and seduction. Check out his latest track featuring the Young Don of H. Town KirkoContinue reading “Ken Randle ft. Kirko Bangz – Be My Stripper”