Riff Raff Expands His Brand to ATM’s

Riff Raff first expanded his brand to vending machines which were provided and designed by Houston’s CandyMan Vending company. he is now expanding his brand to ATM’s. The machines are also being provided and designed by Candyman Vending and they will be mainly targeting the dance/ stripclub target market, and will launch in early 2015. The ATM’s are available to businesses nationwide. The machines also will … Continue reading Riff Raff Expands His Brand to ATM’s

Riff Raff X CandyMan Vending

Many know him from his appearance on MTV’s reality TV show “From G’s to Gents”. Horst Simco, also known as Riff Raff is taking full advantage of his large network and fan base venturing out to different entrepreneurial territory. Riff Raff teamed up with Houston’s Andre Bramwell, owner of CandyMan Vending to start his own Vending Machine business. Neon colored vending machines that will only … Continue reading Riff Raff X CandyMan Vending