Chris Brown – Liquor

Tone Stith – Singer, songwriter and signee of Y.E.M.G is the person responsible for the lyrics and production of Chris Brown’s debut single “Liquor. Radio stations like 93.7 , The Beat, and iHeartradio have all played been playing “Liquor” throughout today. CB shared some lyrics through Twitter ” There’s something in this liquor. The air is getting thicker. All I want is you.” Tone Stith forms part of a … Continue reading Chris Brown – Liquor

R&B with SJ3

SJ3- Composed by three very talented individuals KT, Dezz, and Tone are not only great vocalist, but amazing performers overall. They each bring a diversity and uniqueness to the group. SJ3 is a mixture of R&B with a little edge. Like many upcoming artist SJ3 were once struggling to get discovered and make an impression in the music industry. Utilizing social media outlets such as Twitter, … Continue reading R&B with SJ3

Jas Prince A Mogul In The Making

Jas Prince, The man who discovered Drake via Myspace, and the son of Rap-A-Lot Records CEO has dedicated the past couple of years building his record label “YEMG” and empire. Earlier in 2013 Prince introduced his first YEMG recording artist  Nella Tariri, an upcoming artist from Canada who is currently working closely with Jas Prince, Gunnz, who is Jas Prince’s  business partner  and Grammy Award … Continue reading Jas Prince A Mogul In The Making