“Unparalleled Innovation® Collaborates with Clover G Records and Lil’ Flip for Limited Edition Capsule Collection”

Unparalleled Innovation® is a brand born out of passion, a passion for skateboarding, fashion, and screwed-up culture. Its founder  Alex Stolz better known as “A. Stizz”  is a collector, creator, and connoisseur of sorts, and his love for music and skateboarding runs deep. It was these two things that brought him together with people from all different backgrounds, creating long-lasting relationships that continue to this day.

Inspiration for Unparalleled Innovation® came from all aspects of life, from movies to anime to art, and even a beloved beagle named Snoopy. But it was his friend Ethan from Philly who introduced him to artists and designers like Kaws and Nigo of A Bathing Ape, even before they became popularized by rappers like Yeezy and Lil Wayne.

Music has always been a driving force for Unparalleled Innovation®. It uplifts spirits, makes us feel, and helps us through dark times. It’s powerful, connecting us to our favorite artists and making us feel like we’ve always known them. A. Stizz and his crew started delving into Houston-based artists like DJ Screw & S.U.C., Lil’ Keke, and Fat Pat, long before they became worldwide phenomenons.

It was during a Lil’ Flip show in 2006 that A.Stizz and his childhood friend Arash  first saw the rapper perform in McAllen, TX. Five years later, they met Lil’ Flip in person after his show at South Padre Island . It was then that he  knew he had to do something to commemorate this moment, and thus filed for the Unparalleled Innovation® trademark.

In 2019, A. Stizz reached out to Lil’ Flip to collaborate on a project between Unparalleled Innovation® and his Clover G Records, which led to a limited capsule collection of skateboards, t-shirts, caps, and hoodies. All of the skateboards are numbered and autographed, making them a unique addition to any collection. To purchase these items and more, visit the Unparalleled Innovation® website at unparalleledinnovation.com 





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